Our Ambition & Spotlight into Our Professionals

February 2024
Dear All

At Belgravia Law, we take pride in our exceptional team of highly skilled legal professionals. We firmly believe in the power of youth and diversity, recognizing the invaluable contributions that different perspectives and experiences bring to our work.

In today’s globalized world, mobility is essential. Our lawyers are equipped with the necessary skills and adaptability to handle complex legal matters, across borders. Whether our clients have interests locally or internationally, we ensure their comprehensive and seamless representation, offering peace of mind in turbulent times.

Our professionals bring a unique skill set with them, speaking multiple languages fluently. We provide clients with the expertise of numerous solicitors fluent in key foreign languages, such as Italian, French, Kazakh, Russian and Turkish, which are regularly involved in our cases. Our global team benefits from a deep understanding of the cultures in many foreign jurisdictions, which we use to our international clients’ advantage.

Close engagement with our clients lies at the core of our firm’s values. We maintain the highest standards and our professionalism extends to our commitment to speaking the language of our clients. We understand that effective communication is key to understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with tailored legal solutions.

In this edition, we showcase the key points that define Belgravia Law’s professional values of ambition, diversity, dexterity and fluency as a forward-thinking and client-focused law firm.

Our Ambition

Spotlight into Our Professionals

We are proud to present a selection of our dynamic professionals who exemplify the key values of our firm, including ambition, diversity, dexterity and fluency.

Gulnara Kuanysheva: A Catalyst for Diversity in Our Law Firm

Gulnara is an exceptional international lawyer with over 20 years of experience. Her qualifications span common law (England & Wales) and civil law jurisdictions (Kazakhstan), providing a diverse and valuable perspective.

Gulnara’s extensive project management experience gained through her collaborations with renowned international organizations has honed her expertise and provided her with a unique perspective on complex legal matters.

As an advocate for diversity, her multicultural background and expertise in different legal systems enhance our firm's diversity and inclusion efforts. Gulnara’s presence serves as a catalyst for change, promoting diversity within our team and enabling us to better understand and serve our clients' diverse needs.

Gulnara is a highly skilled multilingual speaker with remarkable fluency in English, Kazakh, and Russian.

You can contact her through [email protected].
Portrait of Gulnara Kuanysheva, Partner in 'Belgravia Law', London.
Portrait of Gulnara Kuanysheva, Partner in 'Belgravia Law', London.
Portrait of Gulnara Kuanysheva, Partner in 'Belgravia Law', London.

Introducing Ceyda Ilgen: A Dynamic Source of Youthfulness in Our Law Firm

Ceyda, a foreign qualified lawyer with the Istanbul Bar Association, brings a youthful energy to our law firm. Her dedication to continuous learning and pursuit of advanced knowledge sets her apart, being a true asset to our firm and its clients.

Ceyda is pursuing a doctorate in Data Protection and AI Regulation, allowing our firm to navigate the complex legal landscape of emerging technologies. Ceyda’s diverse interests extend beyond academia, with a keen interest in start-ups and business development. Her academic and entrepreneurial mindset represents our forward-looking approach.

Ceyda’s proficiency in both English and Turkish enhances her ability to contribute significantly to our workload, as a multilingual speaker.

You can contact her through [email protected].
Portrait of Ceyda Ilgen, Paralegal & Researcher in 'Belgravia Law', London.
Portrait of Gulnara Kuanysheva, Partner in 'Belgravia Law', London.
Portrait of Gulnara Kuanysheva, Partner in 'Belgravia Law', London.

In conclusion

By specialising in commercial litigation, international arbitration, banking, shareholder and joint-venture disputes, IT and cryptocurrency (among others) our firm boasts a diverse range of expertise. This breadth of knowledge allows us to navigate complex legal issues with confidence and precision, delivering favourable outcomes for our clients.

Belgravia Law is driven by our unwavering commitment to the rule of law. We firmly believe in the fundamental principles of fairness, equality and access to justice. These principles guide our every action as we tirelessly advocate for our clients' best interests.

UK Officially Withdraws from Energy Charter Treaty Amidst Failed Modernisation Negotiations

The United Kingdom has officially withdrawn from the Energy Charter Treaty, marking the end of its participation in the international energy agreement. The decision follows failed negotiations to modernize the treaty, which aims to promote investment in the energy sector and protect the rights of investors.

Firm News

In February, a reception was held at the House of Commons to celebrate the publication of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (“APPG”) Report on Fair Business Banking and de-banking in the UK, which was produced with the support of Humphries Kerstetter LLP.

The APPG, a cross-party group comprising members from the House of Commons and the House of Lords, aims to present policy recommendations to the Government that encourage a finance system which allows enterprises to flourish and businesses to thrive. Serving as a forum for small and medium enterprises (“SME”) community and the financial services industry, the Group advocates for long-term reforms in their best interests.

During the event, Lord Attlee, a member of the House of Lords and the grandson of Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee, provided insightful examples of how the banking industry falls short in serving its business customers.

The APPG's policy recommendations aim to strengthen the financial system and promote fair business banking. Of particular interest is the report on de-banking, which addresses unjust actions taken by banks to terminate or deny services. This report is useful to professionals who encounter unreasonable obstacles in their work with banks.

Find the report here. Read more about the APPG's work here.

APPG Parliamentary Reception on Fair Business Banking & Presentation of the De-banking Report

Training Day on English Law

Benjamin Wells recently conducted a comprehensive training programme, specifically designed for in house counsel. This training included practical knowledge of English law, especially with regard to drafting contractual provisions.

Engaging Workshops, Case Analysis, and Discussion
The training program included a series of workshops, case analysis and contract drafting exercises. During these sessions, participants had the opportunity to delve into real-life scenarios, review contract clauses, analysing case studies, and exploring the practical application of English law. The collaborative learning environment fostered critical thinking and facilitated a deeper understanding of English law.
Topics Covered
  • Identifying ineffective contractual provisions under English law.
  • Managing changes and change orders in contracts.
  • Understanding and navigating force majeure.
  • Notifications of breach and their implications.
  • Methodology and best practices for conducting case law searches.
  • Exploring the intricacies of "take or pay" clauses.
  • Assessing liquidated damages.
  • Remedies for breach of confidentiality.
  • Understanding material breach.
Empowering Professionals for Optimal Outcomes
The training programme served as a valuable opportunity to enhance participants’ practical knowledge of principles of English law.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the participants who made the training programme a resounding success.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming training sessions, where we will explore new topics, engage in interactive workshops and provide further opportunities for professional development.

Navigating Arbitration Agreements

Arbitration agreements have become increasingly common in various industries, including in employment agreements, consumer contracts and commercial transactions.

Understanding your rights and the implications of these agreements is crucial.
Staying in Touch
Going forward, we will use this newsletter to share insight and analysis of the legal landscape across our specialist areas of litigation, international arbitration, sanctions and more, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

For more information or any enquiries, please reach out here: [email protected].