Belgravia Law

Dispute resolution boutique located in the heart of Belgravia and Knightsbridge. We are highly qualified multi-lingual lawyers practising English Law across litigation, arbitration and sanctions.

Belgravia Law - London | Litigation, arbitration, disputes & sanctions - solicitors in London.

Expertise and Specialisation

Belgravia Law has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable lawyers. We specialise in commercial litigation, international arbitration, banking, shareholder, joint-venture, IT, crypto currency, sanctions and matrimonial disputes.
Our expertise allows us to navigate complex legal issues providing effective and innovative solutions for our clients.
Belgravia Law is driven by its commitment to the rule of law. We believe in the fundamental principles of fairness, equality, and access to justice.
We advise on cases that have the potential to create significant legal precedent in the English High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
We conduct arbitral proceedings under the auspices of leading arbitration institutions, including (amongst others) HKIAC, ICC, LCIA, LMAA, SCC, SIAC, ICSID and ad hoc.
We provide personalised attention and work collaboratively with our clients to understand their circumstances, which are always unique to them, empowering them by carefully guiding them through complex legal processes.
Belgravia Law - London | Litigation, arbitration, disputes & sanctions - solicitors in London.
We pride ourselves on our integrity
and professionalism and adhere
to the highest ethical standards.
We aim to play a leading role in the legal community. We have prominent lawyers who are respected and recognised for their expertise and contributions to the legal field.

We shape legal policy, participate in legal reforms and provide our expert opinion on matters of substantial legal importance.
Having a team of highly experienced lawyers with expertise in cross-border disputes is invaluable in today's globalised world. Our ability to navigate multiple languages, cultures and traditions is crucial to our success in handling high complexity and high value matters.
Efficiency and effectiveness are key factors in delivering seamless legal services, where time zones, language barriers, and diverse legal frameworks present challenges.
We work hand-in-hand with legal counsel in other jurisdictions to ensure our clients’ interests are protected internationally.

Cross Border Disputes

Belgravia Law office. 65 Sloane Street London SW1X 9SH.

Our People

Having a group of legal professionals who are leaders in their fields is a significant asset. Our collective expertise and experience allow us to provide valuable insights and strategic advice to help our clients achieve their goals.
As progressive thinkers our firm is forward-looking and adaptable to ever-changing legal landscapes. This mindset is essential in addressing complex legal issues and finding innovative solutions.


Belgravia Law - London | Litigation, arbitration, disputes & sanctions - solicitors in London.
The groundbreaking cases on which we advise puts Belgravia Law at the forefront of the legal market.
Our cases involve new and developing areas of the law, which require innovative thinking and an in-depth understanding of important legal principles.
No Conflicts
As an elite dispute resolution boutique Belgravia Law acts both for and against global banks and multinationals in high-value and complex disputes.
Working in a conflict-free environment allows us to demonstrate our excellence and capability to provide cutting-edge services.